Spring Show Details

Home club members, associate members, coaches and Learn to Skate skaters are all welcome to participate in this year's show.


If you plan to participate, please sign up by Friday, April 3, 2020.  Skaters can choose to skate a solo, duo, trio or perform in a large group number and are responsible for music, costumes, choreography and practices,


Music: Choose your own "Fairy Tales" music but check in with the Exhibition organizers to avoid duplicating. If you need help with music selection, you can ask your coach or e-mail us. Please plan to bring a copy of your CD 2 weeks before the show and bring a back up of your music the day of the Exhibition.


Duration of music will be according to your Freeskate level as follows:

  • Seniors and Juniors:  2min  50sec  (max)

  • Juveniles, Intermediates and Novices: 2 min 30 sec (max)

  • Open Juv, Adult Silver and Adult Gold:  2min 10sec  (max)

  • Preliminary to Beginner: 1min 40sec  (max)

  • Pre- Free Skate to Freeskate 6:  1 min 20 sec (max)

  • Snowplow to Basic 6: 1min 10 sec  (max)


Solos: You can only sign up for one solo number. Seniors in High School will have priority.  You are allowed to have a solo and also be in a group number.


Groups: We will try to accommodate group numbers as time permits after all the solos are scheduled.  Group numbers will be added on first come first serve basis. Group of skaters who do not have a solo will have priority over groups who already have solos.


On the sign up sheet please write your name, Freeskate level, music and duration of your program. 


The cost is $25.00/number. 

 e-mail address: winterhurstfsc@gmail.com