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For Out of Club Skaters

Ice Purchases can be made up until 12:00 noon of the same day you want to skate.


How to Purchase Winterhurst Figure Skating Club Ice Sessions:

  1. Logon to Winterhurst’s Entryeeze page and access your account

  2. If you are new to Winterhurst Entryeeze, go to the “Guest Skaters” section and select "Create New Account"

  3. Once your account is set up, go to “Access My Account” link

  4. Click on the tab for “Contract Ice”

  5. You will see a drop down and select “Browse and Purchase”

  6. If there is more than one skater on your account, you will need to select the skater’s name from the drop-down list

  7. Choose the contract month you are purchasing sessions in

  8. Below “Sessions Available”, expand (click) "RINK 1" to see a list of all sessions for the month

  9. Choose the individual session/sessions you wish to purchase

  10. Your sessions will show in your “Shopping Cart”

  11. After you finish selecting your sessions go to “Check Out” and make your payment

  12. There will be a convenience fee charged by Entryeeze of ~ 3% per transaction


Question: Can I make changes to my sessions? 


Answer: NO.  Individual sessions cannot be changed through Entryeeze once they are paid for.   



There are no refunds for sessions you miss. If you get COVID or have to quarantine or develop other medical condition/injury that requires you to be off the ice, we will credit your credit card for the sessions you miss. You will need to bring a doctor’s excuse to receive the credits. 


If you would like to become a member, please visit our home page at: for membership information and follow the instructions.  Please note that we prefer you apply for membership online through Entryeeze. You are also welcome to download the membership application packet, complete the forms and give to the monitors with payment.

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