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We are happy to offer Freestyle sessions. In order to keep the rink open and everyone safe, we have established new guidelines and sanitizing protocols. Please read carefully. We expect full compliance with these guidelines from skaters and coaches. These requirements are in line with what is expected by the CDC, the NIH, USA Rink Association, USFS, the Ohio Department of Health and our governor.  To download a copy, CLICK HERE.

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General Guidelines

  • Enter at your own risk. All guests are expected to self-check for COVID-19 symptoms before entering the facility. If you are experiencing symptoms of COVID-19 or think you may have been exposed, please stay home. 

  • Only skaters who are listed on the roster and coaches will be allowed on the ice. 

  • We will monitor the number of people inside the building. Parents or caregivers of children ages 10 and under may accompany their child and assist them in the lobby. Once the child is on the ice, the adult should wait in the stands, keeping 6 ft distance from others. 

  • At this time we will allow 1 or 2 spectators per participant. Please do not gather or linger in the lobby or in the hallways. Spectators can enter the building and head directly to the stands maintaining a 6 ft distance from each other unless you are with a family member. Face covering is required in the stands. 

  • Everyone must wear a face covering while inside the building, including children 10 years and older, unless an individual falls under one of the exceptions (doctor's excuse will be required).

  • Skaters must wear face coverings while in the building, except masks/face coverings may be removed while a skater is actively participating in physical activity on the ice. Skaters must put their masks back on before leaving the ice. 

  • Coaches and chaperones are required to wear face covering at all times, unless they fall under one of the exceptions (doctor's excuse will be required).

  • Participants should arrive dressed to skate. Chairs or benches will be available in the lobby and inside the rink for tying skates only. There will be markings indicating where skaters may sit so they remain 6 ft apart. Please do not move the chairs or the benches. 

  • You may keep your belongings on the chair where you were sitting while you skate. 

  • Please limit how much stuff you bring on the ice or put on the boards and do not share your clothes, phone, or other belongings with anyone. 

  • The locker rooms are currently unavailable and changing in the restrooms is not permitted. 

  • Wash or disinfect hands frequently. Hand sanitizer will be available. 

  • Please bring your own pre-filled water bottle to the facility. The drinking fountains are currently unavailable. Do not share water bottles. 

  • Enter through the main doors into the lobby and exit through the side door of the lobby closest to the cafe. Skaters and coaches will be allowed into the facility 10 minutes before a session and must exit the arena as soon as they are done. 

  • You must exit the building as soon as possible after you are done skating. Lingering or socializing inside the building is not permitted. 

  • During the ice cut, please maintain 6ft distance while you wait to get back on the ice, preferably in the chair where you changed or on the bleachers. 

  • Gathering in the lobby is not permitted. Parents who are assisting their children ages 10 and under should remain seated in their skater designated area or in the bleachers for the duration of the session (unless they want to wait outside the building)

  • Everyone must maintain at least 6ft physical distance at all times.

  • Skaters are not allowed to warm up inside the building. You can warm up outside weather permitting or before you get to the rink.

  • Cover your sneeze and cough. Please bring your own tissues.

  • The cafe will remain closed until further notice. No outside food will be permitted in the building. 

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  • A WFSC monitor will be present in front of the building or in the lobby to manage the check-in process and enforce all guidelines.

  • Make sure to have your mask or face covering on when you check in. 

  • No walk-ons or exchange of funds will take place.

  • Sessions must be purchased online in advance.

  • Anyone showing symptoms or signs of sickness, or who has been in contact with known positive cases will be asked to stay home for at least 14 days or until cleared by the CDC.

  • You will only be allowed on the ice if your name is on the roster.

  • Please maintain 6 ft physical distance from the monitor and limit your interaction with the monitors as much as possible. 

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Playing Music

  • No monitor will be present in the music box.

  • We prefer that only one skater or one coach be at the same time in the music box.  However, we will allow up to 2 people but please keep physical distance. 

  • Sanitizers will be provided for the skater or coach to wipe down the equipment after each use and sanitize their hands. In addition, the music equipment will be sanitized every hour.

  • Music will be played on a rotational basis.

  • After a skater’s music has been played, their music or another program may be put at the end of the line to re-enter the rotation.

  • Coaches may put the music of the student they are teaching ahead of other skaters.

  • Skaters and coaches will be responsible to adhere to this system. Please review the music guidelines in the membership packet.

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Facilities Cleaning & Disinfecting Plan

  • Sanitizing will be performed immediately following each block of club ice.

  • In addition, the rink will sanitize the boards also at 4:40pm daily even though there is no break scheduled. 

  • Areas to be sanitized: all areas used by participants, doors, chairs, benches, restroom fixtures, dasher boards. Boards are sanitized every hour.

  • Bathrooms are cleaned and sanitized every hour. 

  • Floors will be scrubbed each night.

  • Deep cleanings will be performed during extended maintenance breaks.

  • Facility employees and Management Staff will be performing and enforcing this plan.

  • Employees will be wearing face covering and gloves at all times and they will have their temperature checked every day when they come into the building. 


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