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For Members

How to Purchase Club Ice:

  1. Logon to Winterhurst’s Entryeeze page and access your account:

  2. Click on the link: “Access My Account”

    • If you are new to Winterhurst Entryeeze, go to the “GUEST SKATERS” section and select the link to "Create New Account". Once your account is created, click on link to “Access My Account”. 

  3. Click on the tab for “Contract Ice” 

  4. From the drop down menu, select “Browse and Purchase”

  5. If there are multiple skaters in your account, select the skater’s name you are purchasing ice for from the drop-down list


How to Purchase a Monthly Package: 

You can purchase different packages each month depending on your skater’s need.

  1. Select the options for “Packages Available”

  2. Choose the package you wish to purchase, and then go to your shopping cart, pay and checkout

  3. Once you purchase your contract package, go back to Contract Ice and select “Browse and Purchase” 

  4. Below “Sessions Available”, expand (click on) "RINK 1" to choose your sessions


You don’t need to select all your sessions at once but we encourage you to do so to reserve your spot on the ice. Remember the packages are by the hour but the sessions to select are in ½ hour increments, so if you purchase the 8hr/month package you need to select 16 sessions (not 8).


Question: If I don’t use all the sessions I purchased, would they carry over to the next month? 


Answer: NO, Sessions not used within the month do not carry over to the following month.


Question: Can I make changes to my sessions? 


Answer: YES, You can change your sessions any time/day up to midnight the day before the session you want. To select/deselect a session click on it.


How to Purchase Individual Sessions: 

  1. Choose the tab for “Contract Ice”  

  2. Select “Browse and Purchase”

  3. Select the skaters name from the drop-down list

  4. Below “Sessions Available” – expand (click on) “RINK 1” 

  5. Choose the individual session/sessions you wish to purchase. Note: Your sessions will show in your “shopping cart”

  6. After you finish selecting your sessions, go to “Check Out” and make your payment

  7. You can use the “My Calendar” tab for a calendar view of your sessions



There are no refunds for sessions you miss. If you get COVID or have to quarantine or develop other medical condition that requires you to be off the ice, we will apply the remainder of your package to the following month. You will need to bring a doctor’s excuse to receive the credits. 



We are not selling coupons until further notice, as we don’t think it is safe at this time. If you have coupons from the last season, we will honor them. Please show the coupons to the monitor before you get on the ice and drop them off in the designated basket.  


Packages Pricing:

Platinum Plus            $396.00/month (44 hrs/month)

Platinum                    $360.00/month (36 hrs/month)

Gold                          $308.00/month (28 hrs/month)

Silver                         $258.50/month (22 hrs/month)

Bronze                      $200.00/month (16 hrs/month)

Pewter                      $156.00/month (12 hrs/month)

Blue Ribbon             $106.00/month (8 hrs/month)


There will be a convenience fee charged by Entryeeze of ~ 3% per transaction. 

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